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Chibi commission for senkounomaihime at DA
Her character, Stellar Ribbon and the mascot, Idolina!

can’t stop drawing FeMC…
but I finally find another bby, Marie from P4G! 


Ever worry that when you join a fandom you won’t be able to easily find others who like what you do? Worry no more! We at animebonds are listing the fans of each fandom so that anybody can easily find blogs to follow!

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3rd Kiriban prize for thegoldenabyss @DA 


Calling out for KagePro fans in Indonesia! Let’s meet up in the first day of AFAID14 which happens to be in 15th of August!

At first, Mekakushidan Indonesia was supposed to have a meet up in 15th of August in AFAID14 (located in JCC). But since most of our members will go at 17th instead, but some can still only come at 15th, we’ll have an extension meet up at 15th!

We will just walk around on the event, possibly bringing some banners/cardboard with ‘MekaID KagePro Meet Up’ on it, please do approach us even if you don’t really want to hang around too long. ^0^

I’m still looking for people who’s interested in hanging around together, so if you’re interested, message me off-anon, or you could always tweet to me (my twitter: ariairis)!

More info about AFAID here.

Looking forward for you!

Color Scheme Challenge no. 12
Hamuko from Persona 3 Portable

//you can request if you want, just ask me


Jumping on the bandwagon! Send me ALL the characters, guys!

Ai & Hoshi
super old request from my RL friend.. //they reminds me of Weiss Schnee from RWBY